About Tonjin

R&D Capability

Ton Jin has the stable and strong technical foundation on which we provide our design, manufacture expertise and improve the quality of service offered.

From technical development to product design and final customization, Ton Jin always provides our customers with the state-of-the-art technology. Our technical energy and experience help us improve quality for OEM and product design capability for ODM. Our attention on accurate technical efficiency allows the smooth delivery of product service.

In Ton Jin, we dedicate ourselves in the seamless cooperation between R&D team and manufacture section to bring different technical experience and skills tightly together for close communication and development. We aim to provide the best product service and technical cooperation for our customers.

The integration of R&D, design and development framework we have developed over the years results in smooth and flowing service quality, and the combination of the framework and the technical development has yielded the maximum performance. That is why we are able to provided high-quality ODM/OEM service.