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OEM/ODM Service

Metal welding is what Ton Jin is specialized in. We work hard to improve metal processing techniques and provide careful planning for product design and quality.

What we can do for you

Ton Jin provides high-quality metal frame design and welding techniques.

Ton Jin provides professional design of metalwork and welding. The art of welding is what we are good at and allows us the capability to perform metal welding and design. Ton Jin is proud of being a metal joining expert and we are dedicated in metal welding service and design. Our strong metal welding background allows us to provide planning service that meets your demand. Ton Jin is specialized in TIG welding, braze welding and LUG:

TIG welding features faster welding rate, less warping and no welding residue. It offers the best appearance and quality that any welding technique can offer. In high-temperature welding, the welding zone is protected from air and the contamination of impurity, and therefore it is the perfect selection for the assembly of precision machinery. This welding technique is good for solving common problems often seen in welding between different metals and metals that are difficult to weld. TIG welding offers steady quality, and features the least weight addition after processing and the ease to work with.

Braze welding is commonly used in the joining of ferrous metals or different metals. It allows for high-strength, air-tight seamless joining of different materials, saving materials used and good for pieces that are hard to work with. It gives a smooth and shining look that is free from oxidation and distortion. The fast processing speed allows higher production capability and shorter delivery schedule, and thus less production costs. Complicated pieces can be welded at multiple spot in one go. The air-tightness and tensile strength of the welded parts are better than those generated from ordinary welding or CO2 welding. The post-welding carbon penetration, thermal treatment or electroplating will not affect the mechanical properties. Braze welding achieves fine and delicate look, allowing better flexibility than TIG welding.

LUG is a tube joining technique based on brazes welding. It is metal processing technique that allows fine and simple shapes, delicate coloration and visual pleasure. LUG displays unique craftsmanship by achieving delicate and exquisite looks. The structural flexibility still remains after LUG processing as opposed to other welding techniques.

In addition to good techniques, Ton Jin introduces tubes of the best quality, such as CrMo steel tubes from TANGE, stainless steel and tubes from Reynolds and stainless steel from Italy. We offer good-quality materials and construction skills to ensure the best product quality for you. The products of Ton Jin are certified for European safety and test criteria and pressure tests that ensure the robust structure and complete quality. When completed, products are put through accurate measurement of angles and rigid dimensions. The rigorous inspection criteria help maintain the quality of service we provide.

Design and communication ability for OEM/ODM service

We know your needs!

Ton Jin offers services ranging from design, labeling, manufacture, packaging, inspection to delivery. Supported by the powerful R&D team of Ton Jin, we aim to provide our customers with the best service available. We always pay special attention on the ability of design and communication and the provision of carefully configured processing solutions that meet customers' demands. Ton Jin is the helping hand for your business development. We advance with you, and will help you improve your business profits.

Best choice of OEM/ODM supplier

We emphasize on our ODM / OEM service capability to ensure your best return on investment.

Ton Jin's good welding techniques help us improve the quality of product manufacture and design. We are proud of our craftsmanship in metal frames and joining. We are confident to provide you with the best techniques and quality available. Our professional welding techniques allow us to provide the ODM/OEM services appointed by customers. Precision quality service and good products are what we prepare for you. We will do our best to help you fulfill your and your company's vision. Ton Jin will join you to build a bright future.